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Keep Your Coffee Habit Healthy

By May 17, 2019COFFEE

For many of us, young and old alike, the workday begins with a sip of steaming hot coffee at your desk. Whether waking up early or staying up late, many of us can’t seem to avoid that cup of joe. No matter when or why you drink coffee, make sure it’s the healthiest version.

Keep your coffee habit healthy with these simple steps:

  • Don’t use coffee as a crutch: Many of us drink coffee when we’re low on sleep, using coffee as a tool to wake us up. This triggers an adrenaline rush into your bloodstream, making your nerves feel fried and causing your hands to feel jittery. Make sure to get an adequate sleep of six to eight hours the night before, so your body functions normally before the caffeine.
  • Limit your cups: Having around two cups of coffee a day keeps your body and mind healthy, while fulfilling your coffee craving. One cup in the morning and another in the afternoon provides you with a healthy level of caffeine to keep your mind alert and awake during the work day.
  • Watch your creamer: We all know that too much of a good thing is bad for you, and the same statement goes for creamer and sugar. Try to limit the amount of sugar and creamer you’re adding to your coffee. These substances ruin the natural antioxidants that coffee supplies to your body. Instead, use organic or plant-based milk alternatives to ensure that your coffee still supplies you with the healthiest product.
  • Water, water, water: For every one cup of coffee you drink, make sure to drink one cup of water. By providing your body with the hydration it needs to flush out the byproducts of coffee, your physical state  runs smoother and healthier. The benefits of drinking water combined with the benefits of coffee, equals a great workday for you and your employees.

Many of us rely on coffee to help us get through the day. The trick is to make sure that the coffee we drink works in our favor, benefitting our body, mind and work.

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