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Reasons To Stay Hydrated In Summer

By July 10, 2019WATER

During the hot summer months, proper hydration becomes difficult. The heat and humidity of summer raises your body temperature and the amount you sweat.

Due to the high heat and humidity combined with increased outside activity, everyone needs to drink more water during summer to avoid dehydration. Dehydration leads to mental fatigue and a decrease in the effectiveness of many bodily functions. Drink more water to avoid dehydration, but also to gain the benefits of hydration.

Staying hydrated offers many benefits, including:


  • Improves Your Mood: Drinking plenty of water refreshes you and energizes you for your day. Stay hydrated to get a boost of energy throughout your daily activities.



  • Boosts Brain Power: Stay alert and avoid fatigue by keeping hydrated. Hydration stabilizes blood pressure, which governs blood flow to the brain. Steady blood flow to the brain keeps your brain functioning clearly.  Keep your brain alert by drinking more water.



  • Cleanses Your Body: Water aids in digestion, skin smoothness and the lubrication of joints and muscles. Keep your body strong and healthy by staying hydrated.



  • Accelerates Weight Loss: When you feel hungry, you may actually be thirsty. When you drink water, you feel more full and decrease your appetite, stopping you from eating too much. Water also increases your metabolism to help you break down food more quickly.



  • Replenishes Fluids After Exercise: During the heat of summer, your body will sweat more during exercise or activity outdoors. Be sure to drink more water when you exercise outside to replenish the extra fluids you are losing.


Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water to maintain wellness during the heat of summer. Make sure to keep plenty of water around your home and on your person at all times to remind you to drink water throughout the day. It you make drinking more water a habit, you will benefit greatly.

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