The recent events of Flint, MI and other major cities across the United States have placed fears and concerns over water quality at the forefront of many conversations — and those of us at Hanson Beverage Service understand the impact of these worries.

For that reason, we continue to provide only the absolute best when it comes to purified drinking water. Our facilities and testing procedures set industry-standards, and we have been awarded consistently for our dedication to providing water that offers not only convenience and affordability, but also keeps you hydrated, healthy and safe.

Whether for reverse osmosis, steam distillation or spring water, we take many precautionary measures to ensure that our customers always receive the highest quality drinking water.

Periodic Testing

Our water is tested by an independent laboratory, and we make these results available for your inspection.


We are a fully licensed bottling facility, inspected regularly by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Water Storage

Our expert team bottles all water daily, guaranteeing our customers the freshest drinking water.

Water Treatment Experts

Our people are water treatment experts, knowledgeable in purifying water and keeping it purified.

Our 6 Step Purification Process:

  1. Municipally treated water is softened to remove minerals.
  2. A Carbon filter removes chlorine and organic contaminants, resulting in improved taste and purer water.
  3. A 5-micron pre-filter removes particles 8 times smaller than the eye can see.
  4. The water is then forced through a membrane that removes 95% to 98% of the impurities.
  5. The water is stored in 5,500 gallon sealed tanks. While in storage, the water constantly circulates through an ozone contact tank to destroy bacteria. We filter any air that will pass through the storage tank to remove any bacteria present.
  6. As the water leaves the tank for bottling, it is once again passed through the ozone generator.

For more information about water quality control from Hanson Beverage Service, please contact us here or call us directly at 800.439.6901.